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Costa Lima and region:

Being close to the sea posse a high percentage of humidity throughout the year, the average temperature of the city of Lima during day 25 ° C night 20 ° C in the summer and in the winter night 18C 13C - we have no presence of rain

Bring appropriate clothing for your excursions

ANDES AND mountain REGION: Ex Cusco

The average temperature during the day 22 ° C in the night 4 ° C - presence of rain Bring appropriate clothing for your type trips: warm clothing, long-sleeved shirts, short sleeve, slip on shoes 2 pairs possible Raincoats or umbrellas - backpack for all your trips for personal items sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, mosquito repellent. Water bottle or refillable bottle


  • Binoculars camera and film ASA 200 and 400 for the inner forest.
  • Cap
  • Warm clothes (in case of a cold front), long-sleeved shirts and long pants (cotton)
  • A bathing suit
  • Rainwear 100% waterproof (long poncho or rain wear)
  • A pair of boots Ankle lightweight (we provide rubber boots) for trekking and sandals
  • Insect repellent (at least 50% DEET), sunscreen lotion
  • Sufficient flashlight batteries or torch (alkaline) and bulbs
  • Brimmed hat (for sunny days), sunglasses
  • Towel, swimsuit, medications and / or supplies (liquid for contact lenses, for example) personal.


Depending the type of trip that has contracted

  • Sleeping bag.
  • Small backpack for daily excursions
  • Water bottle or canteen.

Electricity is of 220

Personal Medicines

Indicate whether you require special assistance due to illness or pre-existing physical illness and allergies

Altitude sickness

  • Avoid eating heavy meals
  • Constantly hydrated
  • The hotel will offer free coca tea infusion (ancestral drink to combat altitude sickness)
  • Possible symptoms headache
  • Tinnitus
  • Recommendation Rest

In each place to visit there is a primary emergency Topico if any participant requires.


The Peruvian currency is the Nuevo Sol - current exchange rate US $ 1 = S / 3.23 In Migration Lima them will deliver a white paper called TAM - that role should not miss as it will require in all hotels as proof of their income as a tourist - in case of loss must pay a fine of about US $ 7 to time of departure. During excursions in Cusco there is no automated or ATMs - it is always recommended to charge bills and low denomination coins for purchases and personal expenses Formal establishments accept dollars to US $ 20 bills - credit card payments Visa - MC and - AEX NOT ACCEPTED IN PERU TRAVELERS CHEQUE The company is not responsible for loss of personal valuables - please take the necessary precautions

Luggage must carry some form of identification for quick recognition when making the chek out to be kept in custody Hotel


  • This is not including
  • any type of insurance
  • Tips - personal expenses
  • Meals not specified in the inclusions
  • At the time stipulated by the guide according to the program
  • They must be ready in the hotel lobby to start the tour

In all destinations that are included within the circuit or packet always hire and when so especificque in the final inclusions - upon arrival at the airport and / or bus station - there will be someone from the agency waiting with a sign under the name that you want to assign - please locate the cartel

Always remember to check the validity visas and passports.

  • IF unaccompanied children, make sure you have the appropriate permissions NOTARIALES
  • Rooming LIST.- a passenger list with the full name, nationality, age and passport number should be sent to our booking 30 days or as soon as possible before arrival.
  • IF COUNTRIES OF THE EUROPEAN COMMUNITY, is the responsibility of the respective journeyman have visas and permits for the countries to visit as well as transit visas
  • Is the responsibility of the traveler check if required vaccines for yellow fever